Furniture Cleaning in San Antonio, TX

Aside from carpets, your furniture and upholstery are the most susceptible to contaminant build-up. Tackle the hard problems by bringing in the best experts. Steamatic of San Antonio has more than 30 years of experience using safe and proven techniques that don’t leave behind dirt-trapping residue. In addition to professional cleaning that typically takes 2-4 hours, our technicians will treat you furniture and upholstery with soil retardant to help battle against daily wear and tear.

Why Steamatic of San Antonio?

We are IICRC-certified in the cleaning and restoration of furniture and upholstery. As the Healthy Home Authority in San Antonio and the surrounding area, our parented technology and cleaning products are on the cutting edge and safe for children and pets. Our flexibility and convenience make us the top choice for furniture and upholstery treatment in Alamo City.

Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning Tips

When it comes to fine wood furniture, avoid heat and light and protect surfaces from moisture such as sweating beverages. Dust frequently and treat occasionally with oil soap and water, carefully following its instructions to prevent damage. Choose to either polish or wax wooden furniture, but not both.

For upholstered furniture, it is important to dust and vacuum regularly. Flip and rotate cushions frequently and consider making use of arm caps, slipcovers and fabric protectors.

Leather furniture should be kept away from heat and light. Uncoated leather should be dusted frequently, and manufacturer instructions should be followed for coated leathers. Never use products such as dusting sprays, oil, polish, or regular stain removers on leather furniture.

For furniture and upholstery in general, we recommend professional cleanings every one or two years. In the case of office chairs, annual professional cleaning is recommended. When determining the frequency of professional cleanings, consider that the more severe the soiling, the lower the chance of full restoration.

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